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Street Company Original Black Cap is our first merchandise. We created this cap to raise funds for Casters Coffee, a coffee roasting business that hire the people who are experiencing homelessness. 


On the back of the cap, we put our original logo that was created by Jason Read, a talented artist who formerly experienced homelessness. Creating a product is one of our ways to demonstrate that homeless people also can do something amazing. 


By purchasing this item, you are not only getting a cool one-of-a-kind cap but also supporting the vision of creating jobs for the homeless.


Would you consider joining the Pavers? 

The Pavers is a group of passionate and dedicated monthly donors of Street Company who is on a mission to end homelessness by creating jobs for the displaced people. By joining the Pavers, you are taking one step further to fix the nation's one of the most robust social problems. 


Street Company Original Black Cap

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