Beyond serving coffee, we have a unique story to tell. Street Company is an organization that was founded by the homeless with the purpose of creating jobs for the homeless. Despite our social and economic disadvantages, we believed that we can create something amazing together. 

We started as a small gathering at Jane Reynolds Park. We gathered once a week and shared our life stories and prayers. One day we discussed a possible solution for our homeless situation, and we quickly recognized the importance of employment. 

Knowing that we would not be competitive in the job market, we decided to build our own business to hire ourselves and our friends on the street. And for our first venture, we chose coffee.

We began learning coffee from professionals. And to perfect our coffee skills, we have gathered every day, studying coffee and developing specialty drinks. We participated in coffee conferences. And this year, we are going on brewing and coffee roasting competitions to become real experts. 

And we have a big goal! 

We are planning to build “CASTER COFFEE & ROASTER,” a coffee shop/roasting business that provides employment opportunities to the homeless people by the end of 2020.

We are here to ask for your support. First of all, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@streetcompany4). This will help us a lot.  And please check our website for details by going to www.streetcompany.org. You can also be involved in our Casters Coffee project by volunteering or making donations. 

Currently, we are recruiting “The Pavers” a community of monthly Street Company donors. As “The Pavers” you are laying stepping stones for homeless people to stand on and move forward to start a new journey. 

We wish to create this opportunity together.  We believe we can make a brighter future for our community with your support. If you have any questions please contact us at info@streetcompany.org or by calling 213-703-2934. Thank you.



44837 Yucca Ave. 

Lancaster, CA 93534 (Office Location)

261 N Madison Ave., #407 

Pasadena, CA 91101 (Mailing Address)

Note: Please use the mailing address for any check donations 

For any inquiries contact:

213-703-2934 (Jesse)


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