We are committed to building a community of homeless people and their supporters,

based on the belief that we can overcome the difficult times of our lives together.

As a supportive community, we focus on creating social enterprises that hire local individuals experiencing homelessness and providing resources to establish economic self-sufficiency and social integration.



Street Company began on a small table at Jane Reynolds Park in Lancaster, CA, believing that despite our social and economic disadvantages, we can do something amazing together.


Beyond paving the way out of homelessness, we are passionate about serving the city community and becoming blessings to many others. This vision is not merely an image, but it is firmly rooted in the potential we have witnessed a few years ago.


Jesse Lee, the founder of Street Company, who is also a singer-songwriter, has written and sung songs for homeless people in Lancaster since 2009. Over time, he has built a genuine friendship with many homeless people he has met.


One day, he wanted to do something more fun and meaningful together with his friends. While gathered at a church for a breakfast meal service, Jesse asked his comrades:


“Why don’t we now serve those community members who have been serving us over the years?”


They reacted with great enthusiasm! They were excited because they could reward the hospitality and love those volunteers had offered for a long time.

In July 2014, Jesse and his friends planned and established “Serving the Servers” event, a lunch banquet to show appreciation to volunteers who had provided meals to local homeless people over the years.

Collaborating with Light of Love Mission Church and the Grace Resource, they were able to accommodate about 220 guests representing 15 different local churches and organizations.


At the event, homeless people dressed up cleanly and expressed their gratitude to their guests by sincerely serving foods, singing a song, and delivering an appreciation message through the below thank you video.

The guests were deeply impressed. The unexpected hospitality shown by the homeless people prompted a change in people’s hearts.


Ray, a staff member from Grace Resource Center, a charitable organization, said that his negative view towards homeless people had completely changed through the event.
The homeless participants were delighted as well. A sense of accomplishment arose in having contributed to a meaningful activity of appreciating the people who had been helping them for many years.


Greg, a homeless person at the event, confessed that he felt happy for the first time after he became homeless. Amazingly, two homeless participants, including Greg, subsequently found full-time employment and permanent residence.
Our group’s fundamental principles are rooted in the values we gained at the event:

First, serving others is one of the most powerful motivational tools. Second, with a proper set of support and opportunity, homeless people are not only able to establish economic self-sufficiency, but also create a positive impact on the society.

With the beliefs in mind, we have created Street Company; an organization by the homeless with a vision to serve the homeless peers and the community. We focus on creating social enterprises that will hire our homeless peers within our community.


Our first social enterprise project is:



44837 Yucca Ave. 

Lancaster, CA 93534 (Office Location)

261 N Madison Ave., #407 

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For any inquiries contact:

213-703-2934 (Jesse)


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