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We Bring together 
homeless people to work, reconnect,
and thrive.

"This is a movement!"

Job matters. Unfortunately, individuals experiencing homelessness face tremendous obstacles in finding and maintaining viable employment opportunities.

Many homeless people have physical and mental health issues. They do not have transportation, appropriate attire, home address, and other crucial resources for employment. With wide gaps in the employment history and possibly criminal record, the chance is unlikely. 

Our community needs jobs reserved for the homeless, an employer who understands their vulnerabilities, and a working environment where they come and feel compassion rather than competition.

We know this because we have actually been there ourselves. We are a group of homeless individuals on a mission to bring more employment opportunities to people who experience homelessness.


We invite you to learn about our next project Casters Coffee Roasters, a wholesale coffee roasting business that hires homeless individuals and connects them with other services they need to thrive.

Start building Casters Coffee with us. Casters Coffee. Join our monthly giving community The Pavers, and become part of Street Company

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