A group of homeless people gathering to overcome social and economic difficulties by sharing ideas, resources, and compassion.

We focus on the full potential of ourselves and our peers. On the streets of our city, there are many talented people with a great set of skills and experiences. Now we are putting those pieces together to build something amazing!



THE PAVERS is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers for Street Company on a mission to create jobs for the people who are experiencing homelessness.


Make the way out of homelessness by creating jobs for the homeless.

We believe stable employment is the foundation of a healthy life. Our goal is to make a way for ourselves and our peers to get back on own feet again. We are committed to building businesses where local homeless individuals can work.  


We also want to give back to the city community through the products and services we generate. We have received so much love from the community. Now it is our time to serve them!

Social Enterprise Project #1


Specialty Coffee & Roaster

We are building a coffee shop and roaster that hires local individuals who are experiencing homelessness in Lancaster. 

Our coffee shop will provide a one-year transitional employment program in which homeless individuals can start working as a paid employee and prepare to transfer to a long-term adequate job in or out of the city of Lancaster. 

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Exploring homelessness through the perspective of the homeless 

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HOMELESS INSIDER is a monthly newsletter created by the homeless community of Lancaster to provide a new perspective on homelessness and to foster a proper view of the people who are in the issue.

44837 Yucca Ave. 

Lancaster, CA 93534 (Office Location)

261 N Madison Ave., #407 

Pasadena, CA 91101 (Mailing Address)

Note: Please use the mailing address for any check donations 

For any inquiries contact:

213-703-2934 (Jesse)


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